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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Marketable Copy different from other copywriting services?

Marketable Copy specializes in producing customer-centered copy. This involves me getting to know your target audience and putting their needs first. I then craft every phrase with the desired end goal in mind, whether that goal is better sales, higher customer or staff engagement, a more cohesive brand, or improved search ranking. The result is personable, highly persuasive copy that crushes the competition. 

What’s your process like?
What’s in your client agreement?

My client agreement lays out the rights and expectations for our work together, such as price, delivery and payment, originality of work, and ownership. I give all my clients an opportunity to review the agreement before signing. If your company has a freelancer contract you prefer to use, just let me know. 

How much do you charge?
Do you use generative AI to write copy?
Do you do SEO?

Yes! I often research topics to include the most relevant keywords and phrases in the copy I produce. This service is automatically included in website copywriting projects. If you already have keywords you’d prefer me to use, I can weave them in seamlessly. 

Do you do social media marketing?

I’m well experienced in writing for social media and am happy to do so if needed. I can also create graphics using Canva and even create promotional memes! 

However, I do not offer account management services. Someone on your team will need to post the content to the appropriate platform and track its performance.

Will you collaborate with my team via chat or content management system?

Yes! Several clients have set me up on Slack, Discord, Asana, Microsoft Teams, or other employee chat or content management service. All you have to do is ask.

How many revisions can I request?

All of my copywriting quotes cover two rounds of major revisions. Most clients haven’t needed more than one.  😊

How do you accept payment?
Can I see samples of your work?
What if I don’t like your copy?

My process is designed to deliver copy you will be proud and eager to publish. I work collaboratively with clients to ensure the copy I produce is accurate, on-brand, and revised to meet their requirements. I want my clients to be happy, and I request their feedback regularly.

However, if you’re truly dissatisfied with my work, you are free to terminate our contract at any time, no hard feelings. Per my client agreement, any work you’ve paid for will be yours to keep and use as you see fit.